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Forget The Banks

We are a Non Bank lender that can offer you more home loan products that banks just cannot began to compete with. We can get you into  your home fast.

The Banks cannot help themselves. There has been a fundamental shift in regulations that took place in response to the housing crisis.  The regulatory atmosphere for banks changed from a risk-management regime to a zero-tolerance and 100-percent-compliance industry. This has created an opportunity for Second Finance, Lc to focuse entirely on mortgages and our clients.

We have what you need:

 1% down payment  on conventional loans for clients that are serious about getting a home with little out of pocket. We will give you another 2% for a total of 3% equity at the time of your home purchase. This is FREE money you can get.

3.5 % down FHA loans for clients that need a little help to get into their home. The seller or others can give up to 6% to help with your loan.

500 credit score for clients that may have been turned down by almost everyone. The seller or others can give up to 6% to help with your loan.

ITIN loans for clients that just do not have all their citizenship paper work.

Bank statement loans for clients that do not show enough income on their tax returns to support a loan.

We are focused on your requirements. Our process will allow us to close your loan within  21 days. This process is simple and fast, that will allow you to move when you are ready.  Click here to apply for your home loan now.


Second Finance, Lc NMLS # 1443191

John W. Dodd, Mortgage Originator NMLS # 317222

4484 S. Marsalis Ave    Dallas, Texas 75216 (888) 745-5289